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The first step in solving a problem is having it evaluated by professionals. If you find that you do not hear things as well as you used to, stop by one of our 4 area Miracle-Ear hearing centers. You will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable professionals. We know each person has different difficulties, so we will take the time to speak to you and your companion. That way we can get the most thorough understanding possible of your history.

Once we are done there, we will give you a free audiometric test, which will measure speech recognition in noise along with loudness discomfort levels. This will give an accurate measurement of any impairment you may have. Then we will discuss all possible solutions with you to ensure you are getting the best hearing aid for your specific job and lifestyle needs. If you need an auditory aid, we can have one programmed for you that very day.

Miracle-Ear has been an industry leader since 1948, when WWII aviator Ken Dahlberg invented the first in-the-ear hearing aid and called it, The Miracle Ear. We have carried that initial sense of innovation and invention with us ever since.

If you want the best in a Southern New Jersey hearing center, visit one of our 0 area Miracle-Ear locations today for a free test. You will not be disappointed.

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